There are numerous definitions of digital marketing on the web that virtually all describe the same thing. Simply put, digital marketing is any form of marketing that occurs online.

Digital marketing uses internet and online based technology to promote a business, a product or a service.

There is no doubt that the development of digital marketing is directly correlated to the advent of the technology revolution, experienced in the debut of the new millennium.

In the early 2000’s, digital marketing changed the way businesses and brands created and administered their marketing strategies.

Since then, digital marketing has become an increasingly popular and integral component of many businesses marketing strategies across the globe.

One of the most evident benefits of having the right digital marketing strategy, is that it enables a business to market their brand or product on a global scale.

What Are the Different Channels of Digital Marketing?

There are many different ways that a business or brand can use digital marketing strategies as an asset in their marketing campaigns. Over the years, digital marketing as become an essential component of a good marketing strategy. There are multiple channels a company or brand can use.

Content Marketing

Involves the production and distribution of content like text, images, videos and any form of content you can promote on your social media channels, reports, web series, and more. Almost every business nowadays with an online presence will use some form of content marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

This form of marketing involves the process of getting your website to appear at the top of search result across different search engines like Google. It includes both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) on mobiles, laptop and desktop computers.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is similar to the types of advertisements that you’d see in magazines, but they appear online. More importantly, each ad can be targeted to a specific audience, so you know the right people are seeing your business or brand. Display advertising are known as banners, and you can find them on almost every search engine, social media platform or big brand website.

Social Media Marketing

The title pretty much gives this one away! Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to advertise your business or product. Social media marketing adds a whole new layer of engagement than the other forms of digital marketing because you can interact with your customers and respond to them in real time. Almost every business today has one or more social media platform.

Email Marketing

Email marketing might seem a little dated, but it is still an extremely effective method of digital marketing. In fact, it is still rated one of the most effective marketing tools – especially for e-commerce businesses and brands. You can use email newsletters, remind people when they haven’t visited your site in a while and send discount codes and sale alerts directly to your customers. Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your followers and build relationships.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, though we might think is recent has actually been around for a long time. Think of Michael Jordan and the first Air Jordan’s in 1985! That is the perfect example of influencer marketing. Nike used Michael Jordan, an up and coming NBA celebrity to market a new product that we still love and use today. Influencer marketing is just that – it involves partnering with a celebrity, expert, social media influencer or person of authority in order to tap into their audience and have them promote your business, brand or product.

Why is a Digital Marketing Strategy Important?

Having a good digital marketing strategy is pretty much an essential to any business that wants to succeed today. It allows a business or brand to connect with an enormous audience – think global scale – and do it a very cost-efficient price and measurable way.

Here are the top benefits to having a good digital marketing strategy:

  • Interact with prospect customers directly
  • Reach a global market of potential customers
  • Less expensive than traditional marketing
  • Establish personal relationships with your clients
  • Learn your clients’ needs and wants from a product
  • Get responses and feedback immediately
  • Build brand loyalty through interactions


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