Graphic design is a form of visual communication. Graphic designers use symbols, images and text to create visual representations of ideas and messages for a business or brand. These visuals can be as simple as designing the business logo, to as complex as designing the page layouts for the business website.

Often, graphic design is used in marketing strategies to help in the promotion, sale and advertising of products and services.

There are a variety of different elements and principles that go into graphic design.

The elements include:

The principles include:

Most graphic designers will adhere to these elements and principles when creating a new design to maintain balance and create an effective adaptation of the businesses vision and branding.

What are the Different Types of Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a comprehensive field that uses different visual representations to communicate a message. There are multiple ways to do this, from image, shapes, forms and more. That is why there are different types of graphic design. It is important to choose a designer who is aware of the different forms and can utilize the form best suited to your business or brand’s needs.

Visual Identity Graphic Design

This type of graphic design refers to the visual elements that incorporate the business or brands identity into the “face” of the brand. It is usually a specific set of colors, shapes and images associated to the brand. This includes the creation of logos, color palettes and images that represent the business or brand in a visual context.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

When it comes to marketing and advertising graphic design, it goes beyond the traditional visual elements. Not only do graphic designers need to incorporate the brand image, but also the message. This is used often for content marketing and especially for digital advertising. Examples include posters, banners, info brochures, email marketing templates and much more.

User Interface Graphic Design

This type of graphic design refers to how the user will interact with a device or application. It’s the process of designing the interface of the brand or business, making it easy to use and providing the user with an overall easy and visual appealing experience. It contains multiple components, steaming from the all the on-screen graphic elements. It includes things likes the menus, the buttons and pages. It is important when talking about UI graphic design to remember that it is not only about the visual appeal of the project, but its overall functionality. This type of graphic design incorporates every element of web design, from the page to the theme and the functions.

Publication Graphic Design

Publication graphic design refers to the creation of books, newspapers, catalogs and press releases. This is usually the element of design where a PR strategist and a graphic designer would work together on. The graphic designer would create the layout and typography, while the PR strategist would create the content.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion design graphics are basically images or graphics that are in motion. This could be a video on a web page, an animation or even an audio file. this type of graphic design is usually used for promotional videos, advertisements and animated logos.

Packaging Graphic Design

Packaging – so important. Packaging designers create concepts for boxes, bags, stickers, labels and so much more. It is their job to make sure that the business or brands story and image is carried throughout the packaging of their products.

Environmental Graphic Design

This is a very broad form of graphic design and it usually big businesses and brands that use it. It involves using space, like an office, a stadium, a museum, a retail store or an event space to carry the business or brands image throughout. It is a strategic form of graphic design that incorporates many elements from graphics, landscaping, color palettes and so much more.

Why is Graphic Design Important?

Graphic design is a continuously growing field, that is expanding at an exponential rate. It is an important tool that helps your business or brand communicate with your audience – sometimes without the use of words. It conveys your ideas, brand image and mission in an aesthetic and effective way. Graphic design helps to optimize your marketing efforts, across traditional and digital interfaces, it is seen as a key factor in building a professional, long lasting and effective business or brand.


At Brand Majors, our strategy when it comes to graphic design is an integrated planning process that will build a relationship between your business or brand and how to successfully convey your message through the use of the various graphic design fields to your audience. It is important to have a comprehensive and well thought out design strategy that frames your goals and objectives through imagery. Our experts will work with you and based on your brand strategy help integrate and create beautiful and functional graphic design elements tailored to your business. Be sure to get in touch with one of our expert graphic designers today.


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