Search Engine Optimization (SEO), refers to a specific type of digital marketing strategy that focuses on growing a websites quantity of user traffic, without compromising the quality of the content. When referring to the quality of the content, this means that the content is factual, original and different from other competitors’ sites. No plagiarism! Interesting, SEO is accomplished without the use of paid advertisements or page placements. This means that a website will have increasing visibility on a web search engine like Google, through what is referred to as natural or organic results. They will be ranked on the above-mentioned features by the search engines themselves!

SEO is determined by multiple factors like the relevance of the content, the keywords, well labeled images, the use of relevant links and references and even unique page titles.

With every search requested by the user, the search engine will compile a list of the most relevant data available on the web in order to deliver the most accurate search result. Therefore, the more relevant and detailed your content, the more likely you are to rank higher on the search engine page.

SEO can be used to target a number of different searches including image search, video search, news search and industry specific search.

When used in a digital marketing strategy, SEO takes into account how these search engines function, what people search for, what keywords are typed into search engines and what search engines does the target audience of your business or brand prefer.

How does SEO Work?

SEO is a highly complex and continuously changing process by which search engines, such as Google will rank and place a website depending on the user’s search. Ultimately, search engines are looking for webpages that contain high-quality, relevant and factual information about the user’s search.


The search engine will read or “crawl” through your websites content and use an algorithm to determine whether the information is relevant to the user’s search. This is usually determined by the number of keywords from the search, contained in your content. The crawling techniques used by the search engines are constantly evolving and changing, so if you want to use SEO, it is important to hire an industry expert.


The search engine determines the quality of your website and its content by the number of other sites that link to your website. Whether it be a blog post or a largescale website, the more sites that link to your content directly, the higher the search engine will determine the quality of your site is. Basically, if a highly credible site links to yours, you will rank higher!

Additional Elements

Increasingly search engines are ranking sites taking additional elements into consideration. These elements include how users engage with your site, web efficient your site is (does it load quickly), the uniqueness of your content and many others.

The truth is, the algorithms that search engines use are changing and updating daily to refine their process and make sure that the most relevant and credible sites are listed at the top of each search query.

Why is SEO Important?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, SEO is extremely important to determining the amount of traffic your site gets. SEO is performed so that a website will receive more visitors from a search engine with the ultimate goal of converting these visitors into customers. Let’s face it, more and more people are searching for things online, daily.

Traffic is an important factor in the success of maintenance of a digital marketing strategy for any business. The benefits of using SEO is that the traffic is very specific and highly targeted towards your product or service.


At Brand Majors, our strategy when it comes to SEO optimization is aggressive and effective. Our experts will optimize and implement a successful SEO strategy that will rank you higher, set you apart from the competition and keep you on the first page of search engines, all while staying in the good graces of the search engines and not using any “foul-play” tactics. Be sure to find out more about our SEO optimization services today.


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