Shopify is the leading online platform that allows a user to set up an online store, known as an e-commerce site, and sell their products or services. With Shopify, you can create, grow, market and manage your e-commerce business. Additionally, the platform allows you to sell in numerous places like the web, mobile phones, on social media and even brick-and-mortar locations. Since Shopify is a completely online platform, you can access and run your business from anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection! In June 2019, Shopify reported that more than 1,000,000 businesses in approximately 175 countries were using its platform.

What Can Be Sold on Shopify?

There are a variety of different products that can be sold on Shopify. These products include:

Physical products

A physical product could be something you made or something you ship to your customers


Gym memberships, subscriptions packages and more, you can create a “member only service” and sell it on Shopify.

Digital Products

This is a product that remains in the digital sphere. Whether it be an email template, a contract template, an e-book or an online course, your clients can download and have access to all your digital products from Shopify.

Services and Consultations

Services and consultations refer to the selling of services online. You can sell services to a brick-and-mortar location from Shopify. From vet services, massage therapy to a visit to your dentist! All these services can be sold online from Shopify.

Ticketed Experiences

Travel, workshops or movie events. Networking events. Anything that involves the sale of tickets can also be sold on Shopify.

The Sky is the Limit

Our list only names a few of the options of what you can sell on Shopify. In reality, the list is endless!

Why is Shopify Important?

Shopify is an important component of your digital marketing strategy for all e-commerce businesses. It gives you the flexibility to manage your products, inventory, payments and even shipping all from your phone! Yes. Shopify is cloud-based and hosted, which basically means you can access your shop and run your business from anywhere there is an internet connection – preferably a good one!


At Brand Majors, our strategy when it comes to Shopify services is tailor made to each individuals marketing plan. We believe that using Shopify services is an essential component of your promotional campaigns for any product or service you are selling. The right strategy is integral to establishing your business or brands online presence and increasing purchases. Be sure to find out more about our Shopify services today.


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