The term web design is generally used to define the design process of a website. Web design not only pertains to the elements, programs, coding, pages, software and content that goes on behind the scenes, but also to the visual layout that the customer will view.

There are two primary roles in creating a website. The web designer and the web developer. A web designer is responsible for the visual aspect of the website, while the web developer specializes in programming. In essence, a web designer creates the pages, buttons and tabs, and the web developer makes sure they function correctly. Often today, you can find a web designer who does both.

What are the Most Important Elements of a Website?


Imagine your website as if you were the viewer- wouldn’t you be frustrated if it wasn’t easy to navigate or access the menu items from any page? Making a website navigable and easy to use is a crucial element to building a successful and functionable website.

Visual Design

Humans are instinctually drawn towards things that look nice, symmetrical and are visually appealing to the eye. Therefore, the use of great graphics and color schemes will make your website much more appealing to viewers. There is a fine line between visually appealing and going overboard with design, that is why working with an expert is important. There are specific elements and tactics that a professional web designer will employ when building a website.


Content plays a very important role on your website. It determines where you will be placed on a search engine and it’s the reason why most people will be drawn to your site. The text should be clear, organized, informative and to the point. It is important that your content speaks to your brand or business and is formatted in a tone that your target audience will respond to. Content forms the backbone of your site. It’s how you convey your message.


Making sure you choose the right web designer is of the upmost important for this one. Search engine optimization will determine a lot for your website so choosing an expert in the field is vital. There are a lot of technical components to building a website that go on behind the scene.


This falls in line with navigation. Not every customer has the time or wants to read and browse through every page of your site. Therefore, it is important to make key information easily accessible throughout the entire website. From menus that lead to specific pages or “shortcuts,” your web designer will work with you to make your site as accessible as possible to your target audience.


At the end of the day, your goal is to sell a product or service to your target audience. Being aware of what the visitor is thinking, or needs is an important component of building a successful website. The elements of a successful website need to be arranged in a way that makes sense to the viewer. A visitor shouldn’t have to filter through multiple pages to get to the product they were originally browsing for.


Your website is an extension of your business. It needs to flow with your business model, brand and strategy. An important component of branding is your logo. A logo needs to be clearly visible on your site. Having a well-designed website that reflects your brand image and contains the elements mentioned above will give your business more credibility online and keep your customers coming back.


The primary goal of your website is to convert traffic into purchases. Whether it an e-commerce site or a service orientated site, the end goal is the same. You want to “convert” the traffic into a steady stream of revenue for your business. This is why your website acts as the most important element of your digital marketing strategy. Your website provides browsers and new clients with background on your business, it provides your existing clients with services and build brand awareness – all which will lead to the further success of your business or brand.

Why is Web Design Important?

Think about it from the customers perspective. Your website is the very first impression that a potential customer will have of your business or brand. Choosing the right web designer to reflect your business goals and needs is imperative to the success of your digital marketing strategy.


At Brand Majors, our web design experts will work directly with you to make sure that your needs are met. Our goal is to ensure that your website represents you, your values and your business in a visually appealing and functional way that will drive traffic towards your site, convert them into sales, and keep your customers coming back for more. Be sure to find out more about our website design services today.


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