Believe it or not, when it was originally published in 2003, WordPress was designed as a blog publishing system but has since drastically evolved.

Today, WordPress is a free web content hosting service that can cater to a variety of different online content like blogs, websites and e-commerce shops.

In essence, WordPress stores content and enables the user to create, edit and publish webpages through the WordPress software.

Today, WordPress is the most popular content management system (CSM) in the world. In fact, according to WordPress, 35% of the websites we see online use WordPress as their content management system.

WordPress has grown significantly over the years, and it does not appear to be letting up any time soon!

Why is using WordPress Important?

There are several key benefits as to why WordPress is best to get your business or brand website set up:


WordPress has a wide range of functions, from running large scale websites, e-commerce sites, to blogs. No matter what your business needs, WordPress contains the full-service needs of most businesses when developing their online digital strategy. Thanks to its many plugins, WordPress is flexible and adaptable to a business or brands continuously changing needs.

User Friendly

Whether a beginner or experienced website designer, WordPress is easy to use and navigate making it a go to for website development no matter what your level of expertise. Their process is simple and easy to use to get your page, site or e-comm up and running in a short matter of time.

Pre-made Themes

WordPress has a variety of ready to use themes, offering users a variety of designs and functions. So, if you aren’t the most tech savvy, or design oriented, don’t fret! WordPress most probably has something perfectly catered to you. They are continuously updating and adding more themes.


WordPress has a host different plugins available to add various features to users’ sites. These plugins are available in the plugin directory and are already coded to perform various tasks. Most templates and themes come with a set of plugins already, and you can add the additional ones you need as you go.


The benefits of using WordPress goes far beyond the list we created above, and by working with one of our experts, we will be able to help you choose the WordPress strategy to get the most of your site and create a seamless and perfectly marketed digital strategy.


At Brand Majors, our strategy when it comes to WordPress is making sure that you choose the right services to meet your digital needs. By working with one of our experts, we will help ensure the security and maintenance of your WordPress website while you can focus on other crucial elements of your business or brand. Be sure to find out more about our WordPress services today.


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